YES! International

Students sharing low-cost experiments to promote access to hands-on science in their schools and around the world!

YES! International is a gathering of school science clubs from around the world to share low-cost experiments with each other.  We hope to promote hands-on science in schools by sharing examples of interesting science that can be carried out in any country with minimal expensive equipment.

YES! for Young Enthusiastic Scientists was founded in 2017 by Michael Gregory as a science club for his students in Paris to develop and teach experiments to younger students throughout the school.  Our outreach has grown beyond our own school, including running experiments at youth centres in our community and sharing experiments as far afield as CERN and Ghana.  In 2021, while on his 4th trip to Ghana, Michael helped inspire the formation of two new science clubs at Kpassa Senior Technical High School and Ho International School, and started hosting YES! International meetings to connect students in Ghana with students in Paris.  Since late 2021, we are excited to be slowly expanding to now invite eager students anywhere in the world to join.

Classic YES! International meetings feature one club presenting one or more experiments for roughly 45-60 minutes.  

Open YES! International meetings are new in March 2022.  They are open to anyone who wants to attend, and students can sign up individually or in groups for 5 to 15 minute time slots.

For any questions or to join these meetings, please email Michael Gregory at

Past YES! International:


May 12th – Ho International School, Ghana – Homemade Soap:


May 26th – EJM Paris, France – Face Masks

June 2nd – Ho International School, Ghana – Wiring an Electrical Outlet

June 11th – Kpassa Senior Technical School, Ghana – Air

June 18th – EJM Paris, France – Da Vinci Bridge and Density

November 11th – Ho International School, Ghana – Homemade TLM, Electronic Quiz

December 14th – EJM Paris, France – Bioplastics & Surface Tension




Friday March 5th – Ho International School, Ghana – 12:00-14:00 CET

 Extended 2-hour meeting featuring sustainable development projects

Monday March 14th – Pi-Day Celebration

Teachers may also be interested in “Experiment Share” meetings:

YES! International vf

YES! International sont des réunions pour où des élèves à travers le monde partagent des expériences dans le but de promouvoir la science pratique au sein de leurs écoles, régions et pays.  YES! (Young Enthusiastic Scientists) est un club d’expérimentation scientifique fondé à Paris en 2017 par Michael Gregory, où des lycéens mettent à point des expériences pours les enseigner au collège et au-delà de l’école.

Suite à plusieurs voyages au Ghana, y compris deux avec des élèves YES! de Paris, Michael et Christoffer Akpeloo ont inspiré la formation des deux clubs YES! au Ghana – à Ho International School et à Kpassa Senior Technical School.  YES! International a été né pour faciliter la partage des expériences entre la France et le Ghana, et depuis fin 2021 est ouvert au élèves partout dans le monde.

Des enseignants peuvent également s’intéresser aux réunions Experiment Share (, qui sont des partages d’expériences entre profs.

If you like Particle Physics, why not check out my Particle Physics for Kids virtual science camps, with visits, science shows and lectures to make this complicated topic fun and accessible for students 12-16.  

For more details, see:

To register for March sessions, including Monday 27/03 18:00 “Radioactivity Around Us” live from  from the lab of Vjotech Pleskot at the Charles University in Prague: 

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