Teaching chromatography in secondary school

Notre collègue hollandais Wim J. Staal nous annonce l’ouverture de son site web dédié à la chromatographie dans le secondaire :

After my contribution to the  Science on Stage meeting London 2015 See Poster Poster N Science on stage Science and its Applications Chromatography 1 and Poster N2 Science on Stage London 2015 V2), I have written a book (see 2018 chromatografie) with many chromatography experiments that can  be applied at the secondary school.

A short introduction of my work is presented in the draft Artikel chrom in sec school 63-69.Lorke_Vol.19.

The importance of doing chromatography is pointed out in the article Chromatography in the Secondary school.

My website www.chromatografie.net. (hollandais)

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