Particle Physics for Teachers

Particle Physics for Teachers is a free online course hosted by SonS France Ambassador Michael Gregory, designed to spark curiosity, to bridge the gap between researchers and teachers, and to share fun and innovative ways to bring modern science into the classroom.     This course is the next iteration of Michael’s “Particle Physics for Kids” […]

Particle Detectives

  “Particle Detectives” has been developed by SonS France Ambassador Michael Gregory  in collaboration with CERN’s Science Gateway to create a lightweight, portable version of their new science shows. Taking significant inspiration from Anja Horvat’s “Seeing the Invisible” show and following the model of Michael’s first show “Experiments – World Tour”  – finding the best […]

Alice Guionnet

Alice Guionnet Directrice de recherche au CNRS Unité des mathématiques pures et appliquées, ENS-Lyon, Lyon. Membre de l’Académie des sciences Marraine de l’association science on stage Technology and Sciences are changing our world at an incredible speed. To meet the challenges of the future, it is crucial that our kids learn to love Science and […]