Particle Physics for Teachers

Particle Physics for Teachers is a free online course hosted by SonS France Ambassador Michael Gregory, designed to spark curiosity, to bridge the gap between researchers and teachers, and to share fun and innovative ways to bring modern science into the classroom.  


This course is the next iteration of Michael’s “Particle Physics for Kids” Virtual Science Camps, run in 2021 and 2022, which were featured as “inspiring success stories” by the International Particle Physics Outreach Group.


Classes will alternate between “scientific sessions”, consisting of a lecture or visit by a scientist guest host, and “pedagogical sessions” highlighting resources, experiments and curriculum connections to share ways to bring new ideas into the classroom.


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Overview Schedule


Particle Physics in the classroom and beyond

with Michael Gregory

Tues 21/11 – 18:00


Introduction to Particle Physics and CERN

with Anja Kranjc Horvat (CERN Science Gateway science show manager)

Weds 29/11 – 19:30


ATLAS Detector Visit

with Steve Goldfarb (Canettes Blues Band lead singer)

Fri 1/12 – 17:00


Making the Invisible Visible with Detectors

with Marco Kirschner (teacher, Germany)

Mon 4/12 – 19:30


Perimeter Institute Resources

with Dave Fish (Perimeter Teacher in Residence)

Thurs 7/12 – 18:00


CMS Muon Telescope & History of Gas Detectors

with Jesus Puerta Pelayo (Head of Outreach, CIEMAT, Spain)

Tues 12/12 – 18:00


Homemade Radon Detector

with Federico Andrioletti (teacher and president of Aghi Magnetici, Italy)

Thurs 14/12 – 18:00


The Triumphant Discovery of the Higgs Boson

with Claire David (AIMS South Africa, York University, FermiLab)

Mon 18/12 – 18:00


CERN Science Gateway Resources

Yiota Chatzidaki, Guillaume Durey, Anastasia Tezari

Wed 20/12 – 18:00

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