Michael Gregory

In June 2022 Michael Gregory was named Science on Stage Ambassador for France, and he is eager to share hands-on science with teachers across Europe and beyond, through a number of projects including « My Favourite Experiments, where he has biked across over 30 countries asking teachers to share their favourite experiments for him to share forward as the adventure continues. This summer he will once more bike through a dozen or so countries, this time including his new science show « Experiments – World Tour ».

 Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he has been living and teaching in Paris France since 2007.  For the 2022 SonS Festival, he is presented YES! International (www.scienceonstage.fr/yes-international) and Experiment Share (www.scienceonstage.fr/experiment-share), twin projects to encourage access to hands-on science around the world by students and teachers around the world sharing experiments.  

Michael Gregory sharing YES! International and Experiment Share at the Science on Stage Festival in Prague, March 2022

Michael Gregory a rejoint l’équipe Science on Stage France en 2022.  Originaire de Toronto, Canada, il vit et enseigne à Paris depuis 2007.  Pour le festival SonS 2022, il présente YES! International (www.scienceonstage.fr/yes-international) et Experiment Share (www.scienceonstage.fr/experiment-share), deux projets jumeaux visant à encourager l’accès à la science pratique à travers le partage d’expériences entre élèves et enseignants du monde entier. 

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